• Hi, my name is Francesca.

Galleria29 is my colorful, creative and full inspiration place, my peaceful oasis.

I love working with my crew, Federica and Ilaria, both smiling and happy girls.

Creation never stops. My mind follows the several influences of the realities of life. I’m always looking for beauty and humanity. I see, I travel the world and I’d like to tell your story.

Photography stops time reaching eternity.

Empathy. I want to know you, put myself in your shoes, trying to make you feel beautiful and unique as you are. I want you to be proud to hang your photograph on the wall.

Listen. I want to know your story to be able to tell it through pictures.

Details. Sometimes, it’s the smallest gesture that makes a great difference.

Love. I love storms in Summertime, running through the rain.

I love eyes and hands that weave in silence.

I love dogs and their kind eyes.

I love naivety of children.

I love kindness.

I love the love that lasts all life.

This is me.